The screenshots and links below show several websites I have designed and maintained. (past and present)

The NASA Digital Learning Network™ website was part of the NASA Education Office's online services provided to teachers and students.  I originated, designed, and maintained the site as the DLN Project Manager during its 12-year period of operation.  The site was used by the 10 DLN studios at NASA field centers to inform educators about distance learning sessions and to assist them in scheduling live events with agency education specialists, astronauts, scientists, and engineers.  The DLN was part of the NASA LEARN Project.

IVA created  the NASA Countdown Club website for Midnight Science Club, a project produced by Faraday Studios.  The site was updated monthly with  thematic content related to the Midnight Science ClubCasts which were streamed live in 2018 and 2019.

IVA contributes to the website by creating graphics and animations to enhance the site's appeal -

IVA Updated the Sutton Westies website in 2021 which included the editing of several videos featuring Westie Champions and pictures from owners.