IVA produces Science Olympiad monthly videos featuring  interviews with former students who discuss their Science Olympiad experiences and their current careers.

IVA Produced Midnight Science Club monthly programs featuring Jake "Wizard IV".  In addition to switching the live Zoom events, IVA created the show's opens and other graphic elements.

IVA has produced several promotional videos for SER National Jobs for Progress in addition to editing and finalizing monthly webinars presented by the organization.

IVA created the Sutton Westies website and edited several videos featuring Westie Champions and Sutton Westie videos submitted by owners.

IVA originated Kids STEM News Network to provide students with a way to combine their interest in science with their communication skills.  KSNN newsbreaks were presented during Midnight Science ClubCasts for almost 2 years.

Produced while I worked for NASA, this documentary was NASA Langley Research Center's contribution to NASA's 40th Anniversary celebration.

IVA produced and hosted a series of videos featuring the 4 Science Wizards.  Jake, " Wizard IV", shares his memories and insights about the lives and contributions of Michael Faraday, Hubert Alyea, Don Herbert, and himself.  The videos were produced for the Faraday Foundation.